Listen to the first of an in-depth series of interviews with Biola survivors of sexual assault. These interviews were produced and compiled for a resource site, Speak Up, Biola, that I built with two other journalism students to raise awareness of sexual assault on Biola’s campus and provide valuable information for how to navigate the confusing process of reporting a sexual assault.

A volunteer at Shevet Achim, an organization that connects Middle Eastern children with congenital heart disease with Jerusalem doctors who will do the surgery for free, describes how their cause breaks down barriers

I spoke with Ryan Clark, the volunteer coordinator at Voice of the Refugees (VOR) during the 2015 Biola Missions Conference. VOR is a nonprofit organization in Orange County that resettles and supports refugees from countries around the world. For a deeper look at VOR’s work with recent refugees from the Syria and other countries, check out my article for the Chimes Newspaper.

Did you know that the “BlackLivesMatter” and “I Can’t Breathe” signs posted during Biola’s prayer vigil on Monday, December 8, 2014 have disappeared twice that week?

A news update for KBR: The Torch at Biola University

An analysis of the disappearance of the “Ayotzinapa 43” on “Breaking the Bubble” for KBR: The Torch at Biola University

A clip of “Breaking the Bubble: What Every Biola Student Should Know This Week” for KBR: The Torch at Biola University

A news update for KBR: The Torch at Biola University

For a class assignment, I spoke with junior Journalism student Becky Leigh about growing up in the eccentric, close community of Exeter, California